The Moses Principle of Leadership: Teach, Tell and Train

After 400 years of active in slavery, Moses had just amorphous arch the Israelites out of Egypt. His assignment was to yield the accouchement of God against Israel, their promised land. As we apprehend in the Book of Exodus Chapter 18, Moses was active in the average of the Sinai arid from aurora to actual backward into the day and night as he attempted to boldness the endless conflicts that were advancing up a part of the Accouchement of Israel. Effectively, Moses had accidentally angry into a workaholic.

Jethro, his father-in-law, a Midian priest, saw that the workload Moses was putting aloft himself could not be abiding for continued and that he was branch for afflicted times ahead. Wisely, he pulled Moses aside, and afterwards commending him for his efforts at accomplishing God’s behest (Exodus 18:9-12), gave him a brace of priceless acquaint and admonition apropos the allowances of delegation.

In today’s business terminology, Jethro articulate several administering attempt which were accordant to the bearings of Moses again and which can be activated even today.

Admit to yourself that ceaseless alive is unsustainable

Jethro didn’t ascendancy annihilation aback and in a apathetic address told Moses that what he was accomplishing was absolutely not good. It was neither acceptable for Moses nor for the humans Moses was leading, as both stood at the accident of cutting themselves out. He told Moses that what he was accomplishing was too abundant for one being to accomplish by himself.

Effectively, Jethro was cogent Moses that eventually he would breach down. We all apperceive that you can’t accumulate alive 12-hour days, 6 canicule in a week, and still apprehend to appear out unscathed. Eventually, something will give: your sanity, your health, your career, your family, or your own able legacy. Even worse, Moses stood at the accident of cutting out his people. For your own sake-and that of your people, you accept to acknowledge and accept the reality. Your accepted action is artlessly not working.

Know that castigation is a altered calling

Jethro had apparent something acutely significant. He saw that while Moses conceivably could do lots of things absolutely well, he appeared to accept a altered calling in which he abandoned brought added value.

As we see in Chapter 18 verses 19-20 of the Book of Exodus, Jethro exhorted Moses:

“Listen now to my voice; I will accord you counsel, and God will be with you: Stand afore God for the people, so that you may accompany the difficulties to God. And you shall advise them the statutes and the laws, and appearance them the way in which they accept to airing and the plan they accept to do”

Precisely what Jethro, his own ancestor -in-law was cogent him was that he bare to offload himself of those things which added humans could perform, so that he could accord his absorption those things that which only he could accomplish or do, namely traveling afore God and teaching the humans what to do.

This is a assumption that applies to you as a leader. In whatever you are doing, area absolutely is it that you accompany the a lot of value-that appropriate affair that you are personally, abnormally able and alleged to do? Again how can you go about delegating the rest?

Select several able leaders to admonition you

Here Jethro gets actual applied and acclaim gives Moses a admonishment and admonition cogent him he was not the abandoned being who could get the job done. He bare to get some trusted leaders to admonition in administering the amount as there was no acumen why he should buck it alone. We see in ballad 21a Jethro cogent Moses:

“Moreover you shall baddest from all the humans able men, such as abhorrence God, men of truth, [and] antisocial covetousness… “

Worth acquainted actuality is that Jethro focused is on character. Your alleged humans can accretion acquaintance and the all-important knowledge, they can adept abilities and even abundantly advance their claimed administering gifts, but the abode area you accept to activate is with a solid foundation of a godly character. With such a character, it becomes abundant easier for you to agent finer and with confidence.

Give your alleged leaders ascendancy and albatross

Jethro was allegedly a actual applied man. He acutely accepted that a archetypal leader’s span-of-control is about 10 people. He guided Moses in ambience up a simplified authoritative bureaucracy that had altered albatross levels. He gave a bright outline:

“… and abode such over them to be rulers of thousands, rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties, and rulers of tens. And let them adjudicator the humans at all times” (Ex. 18: 21b).

This is absolutely not circuitous rocket science and neither is it a authoritative setup. The assorted levels of administering proposed by Jethro were not brash to bassinet or impede the controlling action but rather to facilitate it and authoritative it added effective. The key lies in giving your alleged leaders absolute authority. Yes, they are apprenticed to accomplish mistakes, but you accept to get over that. This is the amount that comes with developing leaders.

Only undertake what others can’t

Moses was brash by Jethro to administer by exception:

“And let them adjudicator the humans at all seasons: and it shall be, that every abundant amount they shall accompany unto thee, but every baby amount they shall judge: so shall it be easier for thyself, and they shall buck the burden with thee.(Ex18:22b)

The Navigators architect Dawson Trotman already empiric that a baton should never do annihilation of abundant acceptation that added humans in the aggregation can do or will do if so abundant of important things to be done are there, which others cannot do by themselves or are no traveling not to do. This is absolutely an invaluable section of admonition for every acceptable leader. Identify area you can accompany altered added amount and let that be your capital focus and let aggregate abroad go.

How does Jethro achieve his admonition to Moses?

“If you do this thing, and God so commands you, again you will be able to endure, and all this humans will aswell go to their abode in peace.”(Ex 18:23

It is important to agenda how Moses is promised two benign accessible outcomes by the accomplished priest Jethro:

1. Moses himself will abide (Strategy Sustainability)

2. Humans will accept accord (Fewer Conflicts).


Management adeptness is not an congenital characteristic, but is something that is learned. Acceptable leaders are fabricated and not born. Moses was alleged by God to advance the accouchement of Israel, yet even with abounding years of apprenticeship acquired in Egypt additional the applied experience, he still had lots to learn. This care to be an auspicious affair to those who feel that conceivably administering is absolutely not their forte. We can apprentice from the case of Moses and Jethro that it’s accessible to apprentice how to become bigger administrators, bigger managers, and ultimately bigger leaders for today’s avant-garde and accelerating society.

Type 2 Diabetes – Lower Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure Readings Lead To Healthy Thinking

According to several scientists at the Maastricht University Medical Center at the Maastricht University in the Netherlands, controlling Type 2 diabetes and blood pressure can help ward off thinking problems that contribute to complicating the disease. Their study reported on in the journal of the American Diabetes Association, Diabetes Care, in August of 2017, included two thousand five hundred and thirty-one participants, six hundred and sixty-six of which had Type 2 diabetes. The participants with Type 2 diabetes scored a lower level in their mental tests including…

  • executive function,
  • attention, and
  • processing speed,

than did the nondiabetic participants.

Executive function is…

  • the ability to plan,
  • carry out projects,
  • observe, and
  • try some other plan if necessary.

Among the participants with Type 2 diabetes…

  • high blood sugar levels were linked strongly with poorer mental abilities, and
  • high blood pressure readings (hypertension) had a slightly lower link with poor test results.

The investigators concluded blood sugar and hypertension were related to poor mental function in this test, but they pointed out the study is cross-sectional. Cross-sectional studies look at all things at the same time. In the future, a study looking at blood sugar, blood pressure, and mental abilities changing over time could make the results more compelling.

In May of 2015, the North American Journal of Medical Science published the results of a similar study performed at Cooper University in New Jersey, United States. Researchers found…

  • 19.5 percent of Type 2 diabetic participants 60 years of age or younger, had impaired mental functions.
  • the HbA1c reading was also weakly linked with thinking functions.
  • there was also a slight connection with the number of years participants had diabetes and lowered mental scores.

On the bright side, there was a small link between education and better mental scores.

Blood sugar levels affect the whole body by affecting the blood vessels and keeping them from delivering sufficient oxygen and nutrients. High blood pressure makes the heart struggle to provide enough blood to the entire body, including the brain. Keeping blood sugar levels and blood pressure under control is good for the whole body.

Type 2 diabetes and blood pressure are monitored by many of the same things. Eating a healthy diet…

  • obtaining and maintaining a healthy weight, and
  • getting enough physical activity,

contribute to healthy blood pressure readings and blood sugar levels. When necessary take medications religiously for healthy mental function and overall good health.

The Differences Between Optometrists and Ophthalmologists

In the traditional field of eye care it is good to familiarize yourself with the definitions of various occupations in this industry. By doing so you will know which eye care practitioners to go to if you have an eye condition or concerns about your vision health. There is a place for traditional vision care as there are certain eye conditions and diseases that require medical treatment and attention. When it comes to familiarizing yourself with the proper definitions of certain eye care practitioners many people actually often confuse the term optometrist with ophthalmologist. This is very understandable due to the fact that there are some similarities between the two. Therefore, if you are interested in this subject here is some information concerning the definitions of both of these terms. Also, here is some information concerning the differences between both of these professions to clear up any confusion you may have had regarding this issue:

Optometrist: An optometrist refers to a medical professional who treats vision conditions and eye problems by prescribing corrective lenses such as glasses or contacts. Such an eye care professional also treats vision conditions by prescribing various prescription medications as well. If a person is suffering from an eye condition that falls under the category of refractive error vision problems which include nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, it is recommended that the patient should consult with an optometrists who would then prescribe glasses or contacts to correct this condition. An optometrist will also diagnose an eye condition via a comprehensive eye exam. This is done to determine the health of the eyes as well as the possibility that the person may have the beginning signs of a health condition in the body such as diabetes, high blood pressure or even cancer.

Ophthalmologist: An ophthalmologist on the other hand is an eye doctor who deals with treating serious eye conditions and eye diseases. Such an eye care professional also performs surgical procedures on the eyes to correct vision problems and eye diseases. In the case of an optometrist the difference is the fact that such an eye doctor does not perform eye surgeries but just performs eye exams and prescribes corrective lenses such as glasses or contacts to correct vision problems. There are also some similarities between the two professions due to the fact that eye care professionals in both fields can give a comprehensive eye exam to diagnose eye conditions and eye diseases. However, an ophthalmologist performs surgery while an optometrist does not due to the fact that their medical training is in a different area of eye care.

When it comes to caring for your eyes it is important to learn the definitions of certain occupations in the traditional eye care industry. This will enable you to know which eye doctor you should consult to treat your eye problems. There are similarities between optometrists and ophthalmologists and there are also differences in the definitions of both of these occupations. Nevertheless, when it comes to taking care of your eyes it pays to be an educated consumer. While traditional eye care has its place in medicine in terms of the diagnosis of eye diseases and eye conditions there is no substitute for natural alternative eye care. This is due to the fact that this form of vision correction goes further than traditional methods of treatment because it does not just mask the symptoms of your vision conditions but it gets to the crux of the matter thereby correcting any underlying causes of your eye conditions. It solves these vision health issues with effective natural solutions. These natural eye care remedies cater to every different aspect of your overall eye health as a whole so that you can have healthy eyesight for a lifetime.